What are words that inspire you? Words that make your sleepy soul want to wake up and live? When I was a kid it was usually words spoken by my dad, Juel, a plain-spoken, happy Norwegian farmer. One of his favorite phrases, when our family was in a customary state of indecision, was to boldly pronounce and kind of yell, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong!” Well that got my siblings and me to jump off the green crushed velvet couch! (can you imagine saying that to your children today? the latitude of that statement makes me cringe, but I digress . . .)

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a customary, January funk. Eating to stay warm, way too much screen time, and just looking at the dog—not even expending energy to pet the poor thing. Then I spoke to my daughter, Julia, who lives about four hours away and she spoke these words to me:

“I think I’ll come home.”

She spoke those words very casually, not in any sort of news making way. How did I hear them, or more accurately, how did I feel them? You may have read my first post about how some words go right from your ears to your heart. I felt Julia’s words immediately like a knocking on the door of my heart. Of course, I answered affirmatively . . .and jumped off my green couch. My sleepy soul was awakened.

It’s an interesting thing, having adult children. In some ways I still feel like that girl on the crushed velvet couch in the farmhouse in Turner County waiting for my dad to jolt me to action. I also still feel like that twenty something making someone’s day by calling home to announce, “I think I’ll come home.” But what do I really want to be?

At this 50 something age, I want to be the one who gets the call. The one whose ears are open and ready to receive the words directly to my heart. I know that they might not always be what I want to hear, but I know that they will always be felt. I want my heart to be open, to listen closely, to answer affirmatively, to jump off the couch and to wake up and live.





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