If there is a thread that joins together all the pieces of my life, it is words, spoken and written. I discovered a love for writing poetry in my teenage years. My nursing career has surprised me with numerous creative writing opportunities. My years as a clinical nurse specialist in geriatrics and now in faith community nursing have yielded countless opportunities to write, but more importantly to listen to the words of others. I identify myself first as a child of God (with a love for theology), second, as a wife and mother (my main gig) and third, as an engaged citizen (unbridled volunteer). This blog will likely share words from all those roles. I am honored that you would join me here.


This blog idea has certainly been cooked long enough. A dear friend and co-worker and I have created our own “personality test” where we characterize each other as appliances. She’s a popcorn popper (with the lid off) and I’m a crockpot. Her ideas and implementation come fast and furious in the light of day, mine creep into the pot in the middle of the night and marinate on low for months. It’s time to share what’s been slow cooking.

Picture a grand corridor leading from your ears directly to your heart. Don’t rush.

It might be a corridor in an old, grand hotel laced with chandeliers and overstuffed chairs or it may be a rushing river surging through the walls of a deep canyon. Either, but it is completely open and leading directly to your heart.

Now hear your dear ones saying the words “I love you” dancing through that grand corridor right into your beating heart.

Picture the words “I forgive you” entering your ears and then rushing and melting into your very core.

The ancient Greeks believed this is how the human voice was received, through the ears and directly to the heart.

I first learned about this concept at a college theology course a couple of years ago. The professor was sharing the work of Martin Luther and describing his understanding of what happens when we hear the Word of God. It goes right to our heart. We feel it. It changes us. It creates us anew.

As someone living in the 21st century, I certainly don’t discount the anatomy and physiology of sound waves traveling through those little bones in my ears and making their way to my brain so that I may intellectually interpret the messages.

It may be as mundane as “One chai tea. That will be $3.59, please.” or as glorious as “How’s my honey bunch today?” words spoken to me by my dad, Juel. There is no question in my mind which phrase had the power to take permanent residence in my heart, which words “made me.” Thanks, Dad.

What words are you made with? Did you hear something today that changed you?

Those are questions I’ll be asking myself and others in this blog. I’ll be writing my own words but I’ll also be interviewing people and discovering how they are “made with words.” You may hear some words that change you. I’d like to hear about those. Keep that corridor open. Conversations ahead.

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12 thoughts on “Made with Words

  1. You have opened the door to a delightful, insightful, thought-provoking blog. Well done, Becky. May this be the first of many.

    1. Rebecca! This is awesome! You truly have the gift of sharing words 🙂 Thanks for listening to God’s nudge in your crockpot! Love! You will honor the legacy of your English teaching Mama!
      My words to you…. “Blog woot”!
      ❤️ Kirsten

  2. You words always leave me encouraged and inspired to be more faithful in my walk with the Lord. I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you Lord for nudging Becky.

  3. Becky–you certainly have a gift for writing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. May it be the start of many. ❤️ Jean

  4. Becky, I am so excited to read more!! Congratulations on starting this blog. I admire your courage. Love and Hugs!!

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